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RopeTek is your complete source of rigging for marine, industrial, and architectural projects.

Services include yacht rigging, lifelines, mooring ropes, wire balustrades, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of wire ropes, synthetic and natural cordage, inspection and splicing of heavy industrial wire rope cables and more.

Our mission is to provide you with quality professional service and outstanding on-going support. We tackle any job no matter how big or small with our service tailored to your needs and budget. We use top quality certified materials and do top quality work.

For more information on RopeTek services, please call Adam on +64 (0)21 452 268.


Rigging Rigging Rigging
Rigging Rigging Rigging specialists of Ropetek Ltd, Nelson. Kim (left) and Adam (right)


Fabrication, installation, maintenance, and consultation..


We source materials and equipment locally from within New Zealand if possible, subject to them meeting an acceptable standard and support from the manufacturer. We do not buy any no-name hardware or wire and ensure that all manufacturer warranties are passed on to our clients.

  • 1x19 stainless 304 & 316 grades
  • 7x19 stainless 304 & 316 grades
  • Dyform and Hamma compacted cables
  • All wires fabricated according to relative standard; DIN 3053, BS MA29, MIL-W-87161, JIS G3525
  • Double braid Polyester yacht braid
  • Dyneema double and single braid
  • Vectran double braid
  • Nylon double braid (control lines)
  • CorrosionX, CorrosionX-HD, CorrosionX-Maxwax
  • TefGel anti-corrosion paste
  • Spartite custom mast chock & boot replacement
  • We source fittings from all major manufacturers as required, major suppliers listed below:
  • SeaRig
  • Swageturn
  • StaLock
  • Ronstan
  • Harken
  • Lewmar
  • Garhauer
  • Anzor
  • Bridon
  • Wireteknik A270 mobile hydraulic roll swager (Lloyds approved ? 2.5 mm to 12 mm)
  • Full set of Loos professional rigging tension gauges (2.5 mm ? 10 mm)
  • Large size crimping and riveting tools
  • Wire rope cable splicing tools
  • Hydraulic cable cutters
  • Mobile lubrication system for industrial wire rope (up to 50+ mm)


The RopeTek rigging business was started 15 years ago by John and Faye Foulds and purchased by Adam Bonham-Carter 2 years ago. They are known as the local ?go to? professionals for all your yacht rigging requirements.

The RopeTek van is the mobile workshop with a full complement of tools including a new Wire-Teknik hydraulic roll swager (only Lloyds approved machine of its type), Loos professional wire tension gauges, crimping, swaging, straightening, and measurement tools. They also carry a good selection of fittings and rope cordage ? both conventional yacht braid and hi-modulus Dyneema products.

Adam, supported by his partner Kim Tait, deliver the company mission to provide quality professional service and always strive to satisfy their client?s needs. ?The job is not done until the client is happy?. We are always available to respond to boatie?s needs and provide great ongoing after-care.

John Foulds, the journeyman rigger of 30 plus years and well-known founder of the business, also continues to work with RopeTek on a part time basis and is called upon when his experience is needed.

The crew:



Rigging Specialist

While relatively new to the rigging business, Adam is an experienced offshore sailor having arrived in Nelson on his 43? aluminium yacht ?Mighty Quinn? in 2003 with his family including three daughters and son who arrived later. He has a Master?s degree in engineering and worked in the mining industry for 25 years before buying RopeTek. He also has training and experience in climbing and rope rescue ? all of which help in his job.

Adam says he loves working for himself and reckons he has the perfect job, saying that he ?enjoys working on boats as much as he enjoys sailing them?.



Rigging Assistant

Kim originally hails from North Berwick near Edinburgh, Scotland. She joined RopeTek in 2016 and is fast learning about rigging and all things that float.



Rigging Expert

John founded the company in 2003 and continues to support RopeTek with his decades of experience. The image here is of John and his wife Faye on board their gaff rigged ketch, ?Gilpie?. It was painted by their son David and featured on a phone book cover not too long ago.

As a point of interest a Gilpie is a ?? lively young Scottish lass? ? see Rigging Assistant above.


  • ?Dulcinea?- Full rig replacement
  • ?We were not looking forward to having to re-rig our yacht Dulcinea after finding a broken strand it became inevitable we had to get it done. We enlisted the help of Adam after being told time and time again he was the best in town. We couldn't agree more with this sentiment. Right from the get go he was great, came down and talked us through what would be done and how we could help him. When it came to the actual job at hand he was knowledgeable and professional and went the extra mile time and time again to get things sorted. If you need to get your rigging done and you are anywhere near Nelson make the trip to see Adam, you won?t be disappointed.?
  • Emma Leddie - May 2016
  • ?Taranto?- Complete rig replacement and rig tune
  • ?My 1980's Lotus 9.2 yacht still had it's original rigging! So she seriously needed it replacing before a circumnavigation of the South Island could go ahead. I was living in Italy at the time so initial contact was made via email, resulting in a prompt response, a quote given, a job committed to and the job done in a perfectly orchestrated and timely fashion. It was also great to be able to provide hands on help myself, to learn a little and appreciate Adams workmanship.?
  • Rick Coleman - January 2017
  • "Mahalia" ? Rig Service
  • "Ropetek have been my trusted, go-to riggers for servicing and replacement of Mahalia?s standing rig for many, many years. During our recent refit Adam did a superb job, first carefully orchestrating the safe pulling of the mast; then completely overhauling the rig before stepping and systematically fine tuning the mast and wires. Adam and his team efficiently coordinated all aspects of the refit of the mast and rig and were a pleasure to work alongside. I have every confidence in their work and know that Mahalia?s rig is fully seaworthy to meet any conditions.?
  • Mark Jones ? June 2017
  • "Blackout" ? Rig Services
  • "I have had several jobs done on my boat by Adam and am happy to recommend him. He is a skilled engineer who always take time to explain what needs doing and the various options available. After completing a job, he makes a point of following up to ensure the customer is satisfied."
  • Noel - June 2017
  • Sail Nelson
  • "Efficient, Friendly, Professional service: highly recommended.?
  • ? August 2018


Boats Ropetek have worked on: 10 Gauge, 4th Dimension, Abel Tasman Sailing Adventures, Aeolus, Allone, Amok, Australe, Ballistic, Baltazar, Basil Brush, Bintang, Blackout, Blue Wych, Boundless, Campaign, Carried Away, Casteele, Chantelle, Cheetah II, Chili Sauce, Cowabunga, Desire, Dream Weaver, Drumpeel, Duende, Dulcinea, Elyse, Endeavor, Exodus, Farr Out, Farr Reaching, Fulani, Galantis, Georgia, Gourmet Sailing, Grasshopper, Green Dream, Gypsy Baron, Honey, Hurricane, Incognito, Irish Mist, Iron Duke Sea Scouts, Irwin James, Jet, Jezera, Kautere, Kinetic, Kiritea, Kyrenia, La Moute, Lamita Cola, Leeway, Lorelei, Macaroon, Magic Dragon, Mahalia, Manaia, Mandala, Mascarin, Maya, Mighty Quinn, Miro, Miz Mae, Mon Tour, Moonraker, Moselle, Music, My Republic, Mystic Traveller, Nanci Clair, Nova, OEO, Ocean Jewel, Penelope, Phantasea, Playdo, Privateer, Rangitira, Rapport, Real Time, Rory Mohr, Rua, Sabatayn, Sail Nelson, Sailing Solutions, Same Cafe, Saphire II, Scarlet Dancer, Scoundrel, Sea Scouts, Silver Girl, Solo, Splash, Step Ahead, Sula, Sultana, Svaap, Taranto, Te Anau, Te Haranui, Tilikum, Tin Tan, Waipawa, Wairoaiti, Warhorse, West Wind II, Wharatai, Willpower, Windana, Windward II, Xena, Yonder Star, Zenith, Zephyrus.

Industrial - Commercial clients include: Real Journeys, Nelson Pine, McDonalds, Anchor Bar and Grill, Nelmac, Sturgeon Amusements, Nelson City Council, Tasman District Council, AJ Rankin Boatbuilders, Bays Boating, Happy Valley Adventures, Harris Construction, Fulton Hogan, Fitzgerald Construction, Luna Park Amusement Park, Sharlands Engineering.

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